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Local and global flows of goods outline the core business of our innovative transport logistics operations. Benefit from our precise planning in using the appropriate modes of transport and make use of our intermediate storage space. Our transport logistics operations offer other attractive services too

The best consumer item is useless if it does not arrive at the shops or cannot be supplied to customers. The latest manufacturing plant for industrial goods vestiges an unprofitable investment if the supplies of raw materials and semi-finished products are not handled in an effectual way.

The movement of goods either locally or globally is the prevailing feature of the modern business world; production processes have diversified enormously, chiefly in terms of where they take place. Different types of fruit and vegetables, spices, mineral deposits and animal products, which are only found in particular regions on the world, were among the first objects that required international transport services. The globalised division of labor is now the rule rather than the exception and calls for pioneering transport logistics services. But even the production and delivery of local products demand precise planning so that the relevant means of transport and intermediate storage facilities can be used in the correct way.

We at the Access Group use our services and own assets to cope with the enormous challenge of linking up various staging posts in a transport chain rapidly and consistently on a daily basis. We make full use of all the opportunities obtainable to global transport companies or those with modern organizational structures on behalf of our customers and use overland, sea, rail and air services. We seek out to decrease costs and transport times with our inter-modal approach and it plays a noteworthy role in our operations. We also make every effort to utilize resources in a sustainable manner in our transport logistics business.

Based on our all-round view, transport logistics does not end with loading or unloading the mode of transport and shipping the goods from A to B. We offer you an inclusive range of services in all matters related to sourcing, production and distribution making deliveries to final customers.

Our special networks operate at the intersect point between typical transport logistics and widespread value-added services, alongside our standard network.

Our IT systems hold the latest technology and are continually being improved so that we can manage the movement of goods precisely and shape these processes in a clear way for all those involved. The ability to track consignments and link our programs with your ERP software helps to make sure a rapid exchange of information.

Wherever you need it!

  • To shift goods locally
  • For low level of transports
  • Domestic shifting
  • Rural area transport
  • Household goods shifting

International Project Logistics

Despite ongoing improvements in the sector, several aspects of transportation are still riddled with problems due to outdated infrastructure and lack of investment in less economically active parts of the country. The demand for transport infrastructure and services has been rising by around 10% a year with the current infrastructure being unable to meet these growing demands.

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