Services - Warehouse Management Consultants

Warehouse Management Consultants

Our specialist and highly experienced Warehouse and Distribution Centre Consultants all have important Operational and Management experience prior to executing any operations.

The warehouse and logistics team are extremely specialist in reviewing current procedure and operations and developing solutions for all areas of Materials Handling; Procurement, Warehouse and Inventory Management counting, Tactical Stock Locations; Picking processes; Inventory Control and Demand Planning; Vendor Support Operations; Warehouse Performance and Cost Measurement with specific knowledge in e-fulfillment operations.

All our analysis and solutions specific to your requirements are presented with apparent and concise rationale and where suitable cost and tested. The team (and client) also benefit from the firm’s in-house CAD facilities for warehouse layouts, racking configuration, automation and MHE and logistics resource planning.

We recurrently work with our clients in establishing:

  • New Build design and re-configuration of existing warehouse, picking and distribution facilities
  • Optimized facility design/ layout, handling practices and workflows
  • Warehouse and inventory management techniques to increase workflow and costs
  • Cost to serve, travel times and pick rate modeling to support the optimized layouts
  • KPI development and Performance supervision
  • Automation and Materials Handling Systems design and development.
  • Tactical stock location(s) and picking strategies
  • Optimized distribution network design and suitable cost modeling
  • Logistics Network and individual Distribution Centre capacity assessments
  • Vehicle fleet profiling and resource requirements aligned with DC and customer requirements