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Logistics is the organization and implementation of an intricate operation that incorporates management of flow of things between the points of origin and consumption to meet the necessities of the customers. Any type of substantial products can be shipped through logistics with a planned process that engages integration of information flow, material handling, covering, inventory, warehousing and transportation.

Domestic logistics is the allocation of goods within a country, while international logistics is the distribution of goods beyond the country boundaries. Managing logistics domestically is very diverse from managing logistics internationally because of the much narrower geographic scope in a domestic operation.


Domestic logistics firms have a single logistics manager to supervise and direct all sides of planning and execution related to the movement of goods. In contrast, international logistics will have a corporate logistics manager who will organize logistics activities with other managers. This will entail clear plans on execution and distribution processes, and may guide to challenges in decision making.


Domestic logistics can utilize a diversity of transportation options for moving goods, out of which road transport is the most frequent preference. Road transport in itself also provides a selection of options. With international logistics, you have limited transportation options – some would necessitate only the rail while others would require only flight or sea transport. International logistics may also engross using multiple transportation alternatives for a single transaction.

Firms have a greater threat of competition with the mounting number of names in the industry. This is why they always need to keep an eye on what their competitors are doing. There are lots of strategies required in order to achieve success, which comprise technology, visibility and flexibility. Technology is upgrading day-by-day, thus firms have to keep up with the latest trends. Visibility means identifying where the goods are. This is very significant to be able to manage the supply chain resourcefully and reduce the risk of delays. Flexibility means that the businesses need to incorporate alternate locations to toggle destinations in order to get the goods to their eventual destination within the planned time.

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  • Guaranteed overnight delivery and next day delivery
  • Highly Economical
  • door-to-door shipping with delivery
  • online tracking and tracing
  • affordable shipping service

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The goods are distributed from the manufacturing unit to the distribution centres. The goods are then distributed from the distribution centres to the local stores.

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