Services - Storage and Bulk handling services

Storage and Bulk Handling Services

Access Storage and Bulk Handling services have been enabling a varied range of customers, including farmers, traders, processors, national and international corporate, commodity exchanges and banks, to cater to their warehousing and logistics requirement with the great simplicity and at optimum costs.

Access’s warehousing service is the most trusted and well utilized by all industry participants. Other ecosystem players and traders utilize the warehousing service on the private or contractual basis. Access has set a benchmark in this service through its widest pan-India network of modernized, clean and secure physical services for dry and cold storage of agro commodities.

Storage and Bulk Handling Services

- Customized State of the Art Warehousing Solutions

Access implements state-of-the-art solutions in warehouse management for total assurance of preservation and protection of in-store commodities. Customized solutions are designed to suit the customer's budgetary and operational needs, thus ensuring cost optimization and financial efficiency. This gives customers the opportunity to keep their operations and resources all ears on business goals and concentrate on their core competencies yet at the same time minimize costs and risks.

- Widest Service Network

Access’s strength lies in its widest network of modern, hi-tech and accredited storage facilities of its warehouses across many states and excellent warehousing capacity.

- Systems, Processes and Quality Focus

In addition, Access has employed excellent systems and processes for quality management and food safety management. A panel of highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in goods and collateral management, goods handling and preservation as well as in banking and trade offer customized and personalized solutions to a diverse customer base.

Service Features

Access Storage and Bulk Handling Services offers the best and most inclusive range of storage and bulk handling services - commodity handling, weighment, storage, loading and unloading - through its national network of dry and cold storage facilities, jointly with third-party logistics and warehouse managing services.

Additional Benefits

Access Storage and Bulk Handling Services enables customers to cut down wastage, reduce costs, risks and operational complexities. The customers further profit from globally-compliant and quick operational standards of Access that are available pan-India, giving them the freedom and opportunity to develop their business into new territories. Single service provider for all services ensures fast turnaround time and complete control on operations. Superior management of services, complete with inspection reports, data and documentation, empowers business to estimate their operational standards from time-to-time. Warehouse receipts facilitated by Access has wide acceptance, thus enabling easy financing from all top banks of the country