Services - Railway Rake Handling

Railway Rake Handling service

Railway transportation is not only predominantly sustainable but is also quicker than shipping and cheaper than air operations. But it is not always potential to use rail transport for the entire journey. We consequently handle the pickup and final delivery runs for you and coalesce several means of transport to form multi-modal transport chains. We have tri-modal rail ports available at several locations for this reason.

Rail connectivity is a critical part of Access's integrated supply chain services and logistics solutions. With international knowledge in analysis and management of the transport supply chain and reach across India, we convey cost-effective solutions that meet business transport requirements.

Access leverages India's well-established rail network - the 5th largest in the world - to optimize the overland transport flow of goods. Our integrated supply chain strategy is to construct approving railway services linking key road and port corridors.

Rail cargo haulage service by Access currently comprises of hiring rakes and handling enthusiastic wagon loads. Keeping with our asset ownership strategy, however, Access shall endow in dedicated rail cargo terminals and have ownership rakes along with the Indian Railways. This will permit us to optimize savings and streamline delivery.

Our overland services are fully incorporated with other services such as supply chain consultancy, sea freight, air freight, and warehousing. With a unique balance of service, cost and reach across India, Access is the chosen road and rail logistical partner for leading multinational parties.